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Every person in retirement or approaching retirement has their own individual goals. Through hosting a radio show on WMAL, conducting countless interviews on News Channel 8 about investments and retirement, and our presence on CBS News 9, we realize there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

We approach each potential client as an individual with individual needs. Every retirement plan is different. We take all the time our clients need to understand their choices for structuring their plan to meet their long-term goals.

It’s easy to say, “reduce risk and strive for better returns with a more secure income.” It’s another thing to actually put it in place. That’s our goal, and we strive to live up to it every day.

We appreciate your trust and the time you take to engage with our team.

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Larry Spoth
President of Retirement Protection Solutions

Our Mission: A Successful Retirement for You

The Retirement Protection Solutions team wants to provide all our clients with a successful and secure retirement that meets their individual needs and goals. We work to teach you how and why we use specific retirement tools and strategies. We want you to completely understand your retirement situation and leave with confidence that you have a solid plan with secure income. Our financial education helps make complex issues simple so you can make sound financial decisions that better serve you and your family.

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Our Commitment

As a team, we commit to creating lasting relationships with our clients. We’re devoted to building you a successful retirement based on your goals. Our Results in Advance Planning process allows us to reach those goals and optimize your retirement with added security.

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Our Financial Advisors & Client Services

Retirement Protection Solutions demands the highest standards of our financial services team each and every day. Our dedicated and passionate team is ready to assist you in reaching your retirement and investment goals. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, high standards, and helping you achieve the retirement you want. Our powerful team approach helps create strategies for each client’s goals and provide the best service possible.

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