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It is important to make sure your retirement is structured in the best way possible to help protect against downside risk while maintaining growth. Using an advisor will utilize their expertise and enable you to get the best out of your retirement.

You don’t diagnose yourself medically — instead, you seek a doctor. Why would you build out your own retirement plan if you are not a trained professional? Search engines won’t give you all the answers, and the question becomes, “Can you afford to take that risk with your own retirement?” Our advisors will work with you side by side to give you the expertise needed to build out the ideal plan for you. That way, you’ll get the added confidence, comfort, and support you need for successful and flexible retirement.

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As a DMV-area financial firm, we meet with many government employees who have TSP retirement accounts. It can be difficult to know what the best options with a TSP retirement plan are for you, and therefore it is critical to sit down with an advisory firm that knows how to structure and build out a successful retirement for you.

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Your retirement contribution plan is not the same as the retirement plan you should have going into retirement. Far too many people continue the same plan going into retirement, which is not a structured plan and therefore puts their entire retirement savings at risk. Our focus is to help you design a retirement income strategy to create opportunities for long-term growth potential as well as lifetime income plans, no matter the market.

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Approaching retirement often leaves you wondering how rising taxes could affect your retirement income. Structuring your retirement effectively can lead to tax-deferred plans, and we can assist you with investment plans that earn interest at a faster rate. Tax-exempt accounts can provide even more future benefits because withdrawals are not subject to taxes.

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How can you make sure you’re using your Social Security benefits in the best possible way? Much of it depends on when you decide to start relying on benefits. Our team is skilled at helping you decide the optimal time for Social Security. Not everyone should wait as long as possible — but your situation will be different from everyone else’s. The Retirement Protection Solutions team can help you decide and incorporate that into your plan.

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There is a lot to think about as you near retirement, none more important than how to protect your health, your wealth, and your lifestyle. That means making sure you’re covered by enough life insurance and long-term care and making sure your estate and legacy plans are in place. But it also means knowing how to best protect your wealth, even with the potential for growth. Continued growth is an essential part of retirement, but protection is just as important during retirement. There’s a lot of information to view and evaluate, which is why it is important to sit down with us so we can help execute the best plan for you.

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