Social Security Optimization

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Many of our clients ask if there’s a way we can increase benefits. The best way to do that is by delaying your reliance on Social Security. We can show you exactly how much you’ll save in the long run by delaying your benefits for a certain period of time.

But that doesn’t mean delaying benefits is right for you. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we take that into account whenever we meet with you.

The best thing to do is develop a plan by sitting down with us and accounting for Social Security in your full retirement income plan.1 From this, you will see when the best time to take Social Security will be for you.


Social Security is an incredibly important part of retirement for many people. Almost 90% of people over 65 rely on Social Security benefits. Many don’t realize that if you don’t plan for how you’re going to use Social Security, you could end up not using your benefits to their full capacity.

We can help you understand how much in Social Security benefits you’ll receive. That amount will be based on the highest 35 years of your lifetime earnings.

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