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Finding the Right Option for You

As a DMV-area financial firm, we meet with many government employees who have TSP retirement accounts. It can be difficult to navigate the best options with a TSP retirement plan. Therefore, it is critical to sit down with an advisory firm that knows how to structure and build out a successful retirement for you.

We know the “ins and outs” when it comes to TSP. While TSP gives you internal options on your retirement strategies, it is advisable to get a professional evaluation. As you draw closer to retirement, it is critical to reduce your risk tolerance while maintaining an opportunity for growth. Retirement Protection Solutions will analyze your current plan, review your goals, concerns, and risk tolerances, and build out a structured plan to meet those goals. Stress testing your TSP against good, moderate, and bad markets is critical for a successful retirement.


One option for TSP account holders is to annuitize your money to provide a lifelong income. This can be a confusing process and understanding exactly what “annuitizing” means can be misinterpreted, leading to implementing a plan that isn’t right for you with no going back. Seeking professional advice will help you fully understand your options as well as evaluate alternative planning tools that may suit your objectives better.

At Retirement Protection Solutions, we will sit with you and evaluate your current TSP portfolio, review its performance and forecasting, and evaluate how best you should be structured to help achieve your retirement goals that get you the income and growth you want over time.

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